White paper

Drivers of Health: What do we know?

In the last forty years, much has been done to quantify the contributions of various factors to health. What can we learn from this collective body of research? In an extensive literature review, we provide a historical background and summarize a selection of scholarly work on the drivers of health, including frameworks to organize social and health system determinants of health.
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What does the literature tell us about housing, education, and health care access/quality?

At the convening of our project advisory committee in Princeton, we were directed to examine the most recent literature reviews (published within the last five years) of the effects on health of interventions on housing, education, and health care access and quality. We were asked to assess the extent to which reviews addressed the following issues: health outcomes, populations of study, static vs. dynamic factors, actionability, robustness, authenticity, return on investment, and evaluation of what has not been covered in the literature.
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