The Health Services Research (HSR) 2020 Theme Issue on Drivers of Health has been released! This open-access issue includes fourteen cutting-edge, peer-reviewed articles that illuminate social determinants of health and social/health care system interventions that promote wellbeing.

The articles highlight the myriad relationships between social and health care system factors and health. They span racism, paid family leave, policing, food insecurity, and more. Findings not only reveal the interconnected ways that social determinants of health influence health outcomes, but drive forward the conversation on the implications for United States health care and social policy.

This theme issue was sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) as part of the Drivers of Health project and was co-edited by Austin Frakt, PhD and David Nerenz, PhD. Patrick Romano, MD, MPH, FACP, FAAP, served as the Editor-in-Chief.

Below is a full list of articles and authors in the issue. Click through for abstracts and full-text access:

Title: Examining Racism in Health Services Research: A Disciplinary Self-critique
Authors: Hardeman, Rachel; Karbeah, J’Mag

Title: Pivoting from Decomposing Correlates to Developing Solutions: An Evidence-Based Agenda to Address Drivers of Health
Authors: Frakt, Austin B; Jha, Ashish K; Glied, Sherry

Title: Negative Illness Feedbacks: High-Frisk Policing Reduces Civilian Reliance on ER Services
Authors: Kerrison, Erin M; Sewell, Alyasah

Title: A Randomized Trial of Permanent Supportive Housing for Chronically Homeless Persons with High Use of Publicly Funded Services
Authors: Raven, Maria; Niedzwiecki, Matthew; Kushel, Margot

Title: The Impact of Paid Family Leave in the United States on Birth Outcomes and Mortality in the First Year of Life
Authors: Montoya-Williams, Diana; Passarella, Molly; Lorch, Scott

Title: The Cumulative Impact of Health Insurance on Health Status
Authors: Barker, Abigail R; Li, Linda

Title: In-Utero Exposure to Threat of Evictions and Preterm Birth: Evidence from the United States
Authors: Khadka, Aayush; Fink, Günther; Gromis, Ashley; McConnell, Margaret

Title: Relative Accuracy of Social and Medical Determinants of Suicide in Electronic Health Records
Authors: Alemi, Farrokh; Avramovic, Sanja; Renshaw, Keith; Kanchi, Rania; Schwartz, Mark

Title: The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Health Care Access and Self-Assessed Health in the Trump Era (2017-2018)
Authors: Marton, James; Courtemanche, Charles; Ukert, Benjamin; Yelowitz, Aaron; Zapata, Daniela

Title: Relationship of Neighborhood Social Determinants of Health on Racial/Ethnic Mortality Disparities in U.S. Veterans – Mediation and Moderating Effects
Authors: Wong, Michelle S; Steers, W; Hoggatt, Katherine; Ziaeian, Boback; Washington, Donna

Title: State Earned Income Tax Credits and General Health Indicators: A Quasi-Experimental National Study 1993–2016
Authors: Morgan, Erin; Hill, Heather; Mooney, Stephen; Rivara, Frederick; Rowhani-Rahbar, Ali

Title: Unmet Social Needs Among Low-Income Adults in the US: Associations with Health Care Access and Quality
Authors: Cole, Megan B; Nguyen, Kevin

Title: Food Insecurity, Health Care Utilization, and Health Care Expenditures
Authors: Mortensen, Karoline; Dean, Emma; French, Michael

Title: Effects of a Standardized Community Health Worker Intervention on Hospitalization among Disadvantaged Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Pooled Analysis of Three Clinical Trials
Authors: Vasan, Aditi; Morgan, John; Mitra, Nandita; Xu, Chang; Long, Judith; Asch, David; Kangovi, Shreya